Uncharted 3 – Poker Deck

Through the Uncharted 3 Community Group I got inspired to create a Deck of Poker Cards with Uncharted related pictures. I sat down and draw quickly a short L33t Version and colored it. Since I kinda liked it I thought I could do something special for the Aces. I scribbled some items pretty fast down and inked them. The Ring, the dagger and at last the Idol. Since the items were not enough I added a suitable background too. I know on the idol picture you see the guardian, which is related to Uncharted 2 but yeah I kinda like the idea of mixing things from all three Uncharted games.

Here now the galleries to the Card tests and the raw pictures in a bit bigger quality.

Uncharted 3 Map Layout – Plaza

It’s been a while since I uploaded the last map layout. I was kinda busy and also a little demotivated. Plaza is one of these DLC maps, which I still don’t like because I am not used to play on it. Well maybe this will change since the Patch notes for 1.13 have been partially published now. The 1.13 Patch will come in August they say… well we will see!

After three tries of scribbling Plaza on one A3 paper I figured out how to draw it so it doesn’t get too big. The distances and angles aren’t completely precise but it gives a clue how the map looks like. I hope I do not have major mistakes on it.

Uncharted 3 Map Layout – Zugwrack (Train Wreck)

Monday, is Map day. I have another Map for you, this time it is the Train Wreck. I hope I can do Plaza this week too, so that I will be finished with the FB Maps before I go on holidays for two weeks. Unfortunately I am not able to scan in these two weeks, but I will probably be able to draw a lot 🙂 .

I did the Trains, which you can enter and climb on in a darker color, so that it is clear there is a roof on the drawn structure (exept the one which lays across, these one you just can enter). The two which you can not enter, have no entrance (only big lines) and are light because it is a higher level up there. I lined the stone walls a bit thicker than the cliff, to show, that there you will fall of the edge.

Uncharted 3 Map Layout – Das Fort (Fort)

The Fort, a map I really hated to draw. I don’t know why, maybe because there exists only squares, squares and squares. Maybe because it is so dark and kind of sad looking. Maybe because it is a rainy map. It is really hard to tell. So please don’t judge me on this Map Layout. It isn’t probably the best one, but I am soooo happy, that I have finished it. Also I still haven’t figured out the best scan method, the lines look really messed up and kinda pixled 😦 …. but… I’m done by now with this one. Let’s head on to a more entertaining map. There are two left for the Flashback Map Pack. So it will be either Train Wreck or Plaza.

Uncharted 3 Map Layouts – Zuflucht (Sanctuary)

For the second half of the maps of the FB Map Pack I stared with Sanctuary. The difficulty here were the three buildings with several floors. I decided to leave the part beneath sanctuary away. The different stages of the floors are highlighted in different dark colours. I hope it’s understandable. Since I was at home over the weekend, I wasn’t able to make a copy of the scribble, so I switched back to the old “pause it through window light” system. I sticked the scribble on my window and set another paper over it. I darkened the room (since it wasn’t very light on sunday), so that I could see the lines properly. The window then becomes something like a light-table. The only negative about it was, that my arms/hands are getting really tired, by drawing the lines on a horizontally way. Some lines weren’t as even as I liked it to bee. 😦

Uncharted 3 Map Layout – Verlorene Stadt (Lost City)

This is the fourt Map, the Lost City of Uncharted 3. Actually it was a pretty easy one, because a loth of parts you can “mirror” to the opposite side. I tried to show the different layers with the colors. I know there is a bigger way underneath and I really have to think about how to continue on Sanctuary, Fort and especially Highrise. Well we will see how it turns out.

This time I folded the paper instead of drawing fine middle lines. It helped much, because the foldlines were more accurate than my drawed lines. The first light scribble I did by hand, but after, when it came down to a more detailed and worked out version I chose a ruler to get clean lines. The inking I did again only by hand, without a ruler, because it would look awkward, when some lines are drawn by hand and some with the help of a ruler.

The last step is again the colouring. It is pretty much the same as in my last description. The only special thing here was to do a gradient on the stairs to show the change between the layers.

Uncharted 3 Map Layout – Der Tempel (Temple)

Allright this time I will try to explain how I did this map in English. First I went to Cinema-Mode of a Map I have played on. I start the Movie and pause it right after. Then I switch to the free camera, which allows me to move around the map free of the character movements. Before I begin to draw, I get a raw overlook of the map. This is nessessary to calculate approximately the space for each map-part on the Paper (since my DIN A3 Papers are somewhat limited 😉 ). After that I divide the paper with a fine line into each half of it. This gives me the approximate center and it is easier to construct four parts than one big part.

The next step I do is to scribble down with a light line the different rooms, buildings. And now the work really starts. I chose a center part, where I beginn to add the details and where I adjust the sizes of the objects. To start with the center is better, than to start with an end, because you can build up the map in circles around that and it makes it easier to get the Ends together in a way they fit. Otherwise you will have problems to construct, especially maps with a lot of ankles like the village, will then lead to bigger corrections. Dont give it up early, for the scribble of the map It usually takes the most of the time (for temple it was about 3.5 hours). After this hard work, the easy Part starts.
You can start with the inking right on your scribble, but to prevent mistakes I usually do a fotocopy.

For the inking I use simple black fineliners, which you can buy everywhere. The challenge is, to have a calm hand and an eye for lines. You can use a rule, but this can lead to even more corrections, which is the reason I do even that only by hand. Make sure you have already thought about how you want to colour the map and if you gonna fill the walls or not and how you gonna show stairs and doorentrys. Because most Maps have more than one layer, think about this while you do the scribble.

The last step is to color the map. I scan the inked version into computer (Yay we can scan A3 at work!) as a tiff or jpg, with 200dpi and usually on a black/white version (to get rid of pencils). You can use Gimp or Photoshop to colour the map. Gimp is freeware and if you think of Photoshop, Elements usually will do it for this. If you have scanned a tiff, you will have to switch to RPG Mode first. Then I duplicate the Layer and make the lower one invisible (this will be my backup if I mess around). I polish the viewable Layer, remove scratches and/or mistakes. After this I change the setting of this layer to muliplicate. The Layers I add after this I add allways below this layer (otherwise you will not see the Lines 😉 ). For each colour I add a new layer. The first layer is the background colour, you can fill it completely with one color. The Layers for the details you will add between the background and the lineart-Layer. With the Selection-tools I chose all the parts which should be in one color and then I fill in the color on a new layer (be sure you are on the right layer, otherwise you will mess up already done work). After the raw colouring I do some finishing work. For example do some gradients or change the colour of the Lineart or simply adding a Title with the Text-Tool.