Uncharted 3 – School Inspiration

When in comes down boring school hours, I really have a tend to start drawing. You know these are hours, you wish they would pass really fast and which turn out to be the longest you have been on. So you have two options. Either concentrate on the topic, try to go with the question-answer-game of the teachers… oooorrr… doing something else. I usually start to draw. Mostly symbols, because they are easy and you don’t have to think a lot about it. Rarely little cartoons of whatever came to my mind. But sometimes I give it a go and try to scribble. This picture I started without even knowing what I want to draw, ending up with an Uncharted Picture. It doesn’t look really good. Well it is only about 5cm big.

Yeah it says really: “Shut up, let me go home playing Uncharted.” 🙂


Uncharted 3 – How to get your Clan Tag on the Villains Shirt

For the Google+ Account of our Clan, I did a fast Avatar, which links Uncharted 3 and our Clan Sign in a cool way. First of all I searched for a great screenshot. I thought of three thins, that should be shown. A character, the uncharted logo and of course the Tactical Gaming Logo. First I searched for a Screenshot of a character in Front of a wall showing the emblem, but since the size of an Avatar is somehow limited my second thought was to use either a custom hero with the emblem on the shirt or a villain. Since I only found a picture with the villain, wich shows a great move as well, I decided to use this as template.

The lights on this picture were great as well, since the google+ Background is white it will gives a good effect to the pic, without doing me a lot of work. I loaded this picture into gimp and set a new layer. Then I used the free selection tool to cut out the character and copy him into the new layer.

As you can see, the ND paw is not what I would like to have, so I copied just this part into a second layer and removed / adjusted the colors. Since the paw is just red color, without any lines it es easier to remove the color first. After that you can add the color you want again, fitting it to the rest of the shirt.

There are some little Marks left, but we gonna place a logo on top of it, it isnt such a big deal. After I merged the layers together it looks like this:

Now I copied the TG Logo on a new Layer into this file. As you can see, the original Logo is way to big, so I adjusted the sice, turned it a litte and merged the sides to get the right view of it for a Shirt Emblem.

Since the color is really offensive and Dark compared with the rest of the character, I copied the Logo again in an other layer and adjusted it with the latency, brightness and transparency. Finally it looks like it belongs to the shirt. It was a pretty fast work, so it could be done much better with a little more time and patience.