L33t – Fast & easy Art

Alright I tried out SnagIt (a capture program) while doing a short coloration with Gimp. Actually it worked out pretty good, even if the art isn’t the best one and I had to finish the picture by copy and pasting other parts. Ah well… less talking more to show… here we go…

Uncharted 3 – Wallpaper Drake & Sully

Remember the picture of Drake & Sully holding hands from yesterday? I made up my mind and did a Wallpaper for the Wallpaper contest. Well as european I am not allowed to take part of it, but it was fun doing this picture. I didn’t ink it, the rough pencils have more drive than a clean ink. But I have redone drakes hair, now it doesnt look as weird.  Whatever Sully looks better than Drake on this picture. I decided to have a clean background. I don’t like overloaded Wallpapers.