L33t – A little cartoon

It was 2009 I think, when I started with L33t. It all began at the Gamescom at Cologne on Monday before it opened. We (the gamecity.ch crew) were working on topics for our new Homepage back then. And we liked to have an own little comicstrip. So I pulled out some short drawings, I have done in school (yay I am really creative at school XD ). They were really unpolished and noobish but I published them. Later the drawings got better, they weren’t awesome but they entertained a bit. After a while I lost track of it. Due to work and other things I didn’t got any ideas of gags anymore so the series kinda stopped.

Since I made now a facebook site for my blog (Yay!!) I liked to use these character as Avatar. And so I decided to translate the cartoons and bring them online here once again, in english. If you wanna read them in german, please head on to www.gamecity.ch .

The first one refers to all the RPG’s where the NPC civilians running or standing in the way of a fight. Leading to negative kills for you as a player. This could be sometimes reeeallly frustrating! 🙂

Ah before you ask. It is coloured by water colours. Exept the bubble nothing is made by computer. Yeah it was my first one.


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