Uncharted 3 Map Layout – Verlorene Stadt (Lost City)

This is the fourt Map, the Lost City of Uncharted 3. Actually it was a pretty easy one, because a loth of parts you can “mirror” to the opposite side. I tried to show the different layers with the colors. I know there is a bigger way underneath and I really have to think about how to continue on Sanctuary, Fort and especially Highrise. Well we will see how it turns out.

This time I folded the paper instead of drawing fine middle lines. It helped much, because the foldlines were more accurate than my drawed lines. The first light scribble I did by hand, but after, when it came down to a more detailed and worked out version I chose a ruler to get clean lines. The inking I did again only by hand, without a ruler, because it would look awkward, when some lines are drawn by hand and some with the help of a ruler.

The last step is again the colouring. It is pretty much the same as in my last description. The only special thing here was to do a gradient on the stairs to show the change between the layers.

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